5 Great Ways to Keep Your Pet Safe this Holiday Season

5 Great Ways to Keep Your Pet Safe this Holiday Season

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With the snow starting to fall and the holiday décor beginning to show, it’s an exciting time of year. Although it’s beautiful, this time of year can also be dangerous for pets. Here are five great reminders of ways to keep your pet safe this year:

1.     Wipe their paws

Snow, ice, and salt can really do a number on delicate paw pads. This winter, keep them safe from any bleeding or pain by wiping the packed snow or ice from their paws and legs. Be sure to walk them only in areas where the salt won’t hurt their paws, too.

2.     Keep them warm

Don’t leave them outside for long periods of time in the cold. This also applies to leaving them in the cold car for long periods of time!  If it’s too cold for you, it’s typically too cold for them too. When the temperatures drop, bring them inside to stay warm, dry, and comfortable this holiday season. If they must go outside for a while, bundle them up with a sweater or coat.

3.     Check under your hood

Before leaving in your car, check under your hood for a pet that may have found warmth in your car engine during the cold. Cats and small dogs can get severely injured or killed if they don’t get out before you start the engine. A simple bang or knock on your car’s hood should do the trick to scare them out before it’s too late.

4.     Keep holiday décor out of reach

Ornaments, tinsel, lit candles, and toxic holiday foods or plants can be very dangerous for pets. Keep them out of reach and secure your holiday decorations so they don’t get into trouble or danger this holiday season.

5.     Keep them close

As devastating as it is, the holiday season is a common time to lose pets. The winter weather can sometimes make it difficult for them to track their scent back home if they get lost. Be sure to keep an eye on them while they’re outside and make sure they’re wearing an ID tag at all times. You can also increase the likelihood of them being returned home by getting them micro-chipped and registered with a national database.

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Treat your Pet this Holiday Season

Treat your Pet this Holiday Season

Get ready for the holiday season with great gifts for the whole family. Check off your holiday shopping list for your friends, family, and of course—your pets! They give you unconditional love and companionship year round without asking for much in return, so why not treat them to something special this season?

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Start thinking about what your dog or cat loves to do at home. Play fetch? Eat? Take naps? Follow you around? There’s a good bet that your dog or cat pal is a great cuddler. Treat them to cuddle heaven when you unwrap this awesome present for them:

Ahh, so cozy. The K&H Manufacturing Thermo-Pet Cuddle Cushion is beyond any pet’s expectation of a dog or cat bed. This cuddle cushion is soft, durable, and best of all—it’s heated! Keep your dog or cat cuddly and warm all winter long with this amazing product. It has three cushioned walls to snuggle up against—which also gives pets the secure feeling that makes the walled beds so popular.

Giving this warm gift to your pet is just like receiving an electric blanket. You may not have thought you needed it before, but now that you have experienced the cozy warmth firsthand, there’s no way you could live without it. And if you haven’t experienced the benefits of an amazing heated blanket, well, it’s time to treat yourself to one of those, too! Hook the whole family up this winter!

Here’s a quick overview of why this is a perfect pet gift this holiday season:

  • Heater is removable (use the bed year round)
  • Bed is low wattage and energy efficient
  • It’s easily cleaned, poly filled
  • The low entrance ensures all size pets can access it

The K&H Manufacturing Thermo Pet Cuddle Cushion is available on Boss Pet Supplies website, and qualifies for FREE shipping. Get yours today and become the best pet parent around town!

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Take your Dog Shopping on Black Friday

As you get ready for the Thanksgiving season, you may have more than a few stressful things on your mind. There’s the cooking, the cleaning, the entertaining of relatives and friends, and of course—Black Friday shopping the next day! As you ponder the things that could take your stress level down a notch, remember the calming effect your dog may has when they’re around you.


This Black Friday, take your little canine friend along for the long lines and deals. Although your furry companion may be more seasoned at chasing its tail than chasing the sales, you’re sure to have a good time showing him or her off to the other shoppers.  Plus, you’ll surely brighten the day of store employees with this great product, sold by Boss Pet Supplies.

The Kyjen Outward Hound Front Carrier is the best accessory you can use on Black Friday. Grab your sneakers and head out the door with this stylish front backpack.  It’s padded to keep your back happy, it features breathable mesh siding to keep your pup cool, and a zip-front pocket to store all the credit cards you need for shopping.

Shoulder pads and added waist straps are not only comfy, but also totally adjustable to fit your frame. Reflective piping keeps you seen in dark parking lots while you’re dodging holiday traffic and other shoppers. Here are a few other great features to get you excited about carrying your best friend with you:

  • Tough, nylon fabric keeps your dog safe
  • Leash collar attachment keeps your dog secure
  • Drawstring top keeps your pup snug as a bug
  • Padded bottom makes for a comfortable ride for your dog

The Kyjen Front Carrier is available in Small and Medium sizes, for up to 20 pounds of carrying capacity. Get yours today and start loving the holiday shopping experience!

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That’s for the Birds!

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That is something my dad always used to say to me when he thought something was not needed – that’s for the birds.  Well speaking of birds, if you love seeing those cheerful, colorful creatures outside your window all year long, why not consider providing them with water all year long.

The unique design and low energy consumption arenʹt the only reasons Ice Eliminator has become a best seller. Letʹs just list a few more… Solid aluminum housing keeps the unit from falling out of the birdbath. Attractive rock‐like design blends naturally with any birdbath. Spray paint any color to match any birdbath. Will not calcify, rust, or leave stains in birdbaths. Wonʹt burn or melt plastic birdbaths. Being only 50 watts, it saves $ vs. most other brands.

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All Aboard! Pet Life Jackets


Ready to head to the lake this summer? I’m sure you have life jackets for you and your kids, but do you have one for your dog?

The water can be a very dangerous place for everyone, unless you are a fish. It is a blast to take your dog swimming with you to the lake, ocean or on a boat because most dogs love to swim. Our dogs are like another member of the family; they go everywhere with us. We should treat our dog’s safety just as we do our childrens.

It is sad to say, but many dogs drown each year. We always think that dogs are amazing swimmers, but in the lake and ocean it is very easy for them to get caught in a current or in the way of a boat. Dogs are just like experienced swimmers, and can unintentionally get into trouble out on the lake or ocean.  Make sure your dog is always safe by wearing a life jacket.

Boss Pet Supplies provides the perfect life jacket to ensure your dog is just as safe as your children. The Paws Aboard Dog Life jacket is constructed to provide buoyancy, along with a cozy secure fit. It features and advanced breathable mesh underbelly for proper draining and drying, which provides your dog more comfort and healthier conditions than traditional pet life jackets made with neoprene, which can cause heat exhaustion and chafing.

The Paws Aboard Dog Life jacket also features a reflective strop for maximum visibility and a handle on top for quick and easy grabbing. The life jacket comes in many different colors and designs to better fit your dog’s personality. The life jacket is available in XX-Small, X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large. A sizing guide for your pet can be found online here.  Prices very depending on the design and size of your choice.

Keep your dog just as safe as you can this summer with the Paws Aboard Dog Life jacket. Visit www.bosspetsupplies.com today to secure the safe of your dog! Don’t go to the water with out purchasing one today because you never know when an accident could occur. Let Boss Pet Supplies insure that it won’t be to late for your dog!

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We HATE flies!

Protecting your horse from those annoying flies

Are you glad the warmer weather is here, so you can enjoy longer days at the barn? Well unfortunately you are not the only one, flies are too. The love this time of year because they inhabit barns, sheds and anything with an odor.

Horse flies are always seeking warm blood for their food supply. These flies are bothersome to horses and can carry harmful diseases.  If your horse is heavily attacked by horse flies it can lead to a significant weigh decrease and they will spend most of their energy distracted trying to avoid being bitten. The following proper routine with some the help of some vital products can help repel horse flies.


Make sure to clean your stalls daily and create your manure pile away from the barn and where animals will be turned out.

  1. A daily dose of fly repellent is a significant step in keeping flies away. Make sure it is done daily and after bathing your horse.
  2. The last protective measure is coving your horse with a flysheet and masks. This will lessen the changes of your horse being able to be bit.

You can purchase a flysheet at www.bosspetsupplies.com.  The JPC Equestrian Fly Sheet is made from a specially developed fabric that withstands the rigors of turnout while protecting the horse from flies and other insects. The JPC Fly Sheet is open weaved to keep the horse cool and has fleece wither protection and nylon lining to prevent rubbing. It also provides removable leg straps and a double buckle front closure.

Give your horse a perfect gift of the JPC Equestrian Fly Sheet today! They will be thinking you when they can enjoy the green grass instead of defending themselves against the pesky horse flies. Purchase yours today at www.bosspetsupplies.com.

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Battling the heat?


As much as we all love summer, we all hit that point on a hot day where we go, “I have GOT to cool down!” whether that means grabbing a Popsicle or jumping in the pool. Your pets feel the same way on a hot day!

Water activities are the best on a hot summer day! Dogs love to swim in lakes, sometimes they need encouragement though. If you throw a ball into the water they are sure to jump in after it and cool off, then they’ll have a blast swimming around! And be sure to keep them safe with a doggy life jacket they’ll be able to swim freely and keep their head above water!

Frozen treats are another way of keeping your pets cool in the heat, they are also an easy way to add in your pet’s vitamins or pills.

For cats you can open a can of their cat food and cut it into thin slices or dice it into chunks. Put the pieces on a plate and place them in your freezer for several hours. Your cat will love it!

For dogs a fun Popsicle idea if to mix peanut butter and a mashed banana into a dixie cup, stick a dog treat in as the Popsicle stick and let freeze. Once frozen pull it out of the dixie cup and your dog will be happy to eat it.



We also offer a selection of cooling pads & dog houses that aid in helping to keep the pooch cool on a hot day.  Feel free to check out our website for 100′s of additional treats and items your pet will thank you for!

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Yappy Dogs…..grrrrrr!

Waiting in line to board the plane headed on vacation.  You have been waiting all winter to enjoy the summer weather.  The excitement is rising in you while you find your seat and get situated.  The person assigned to the seat next to you takes her place and you see she has a cute, tiny dog in her carry on bag.  You exchange smiles because you yourself are a pet lover.

As the flight attendant goes through the necessary safety precautions you make small talk with the girl next to you; asking about the little dog accompanying her on the flight.  She says her trusty companion has flown before and should be a perfect angel.  And the flight takes off.


So let’s say perfect angel is not exactly the picture as the flight continues.  This little angel is yappy and quite loud.  Since you love animals you are very patient and understanding.  Others on the flight are not so patient and start to complain.  Whether you picture yourself as the dog owner in this scenario or a passenger, this is an uncomfortable situation all around.

Our suggestions for pet travel are simple: make the dog as comfortable as possible.  You will want to make sure you have the correct size of dog carrier so your beloved has room to turn around and has somethings that remind him or her of home.  Another no-brainer is a treat that will last for the duration of the ride to take your pet’s mind off the boredom.  If you are properly prepared it will help ease the travel time of not only your pet but all the other people that happen to be traveling with you.

Happy Tails to you!

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The perks of being a pet owner

healthy_pet Being a pet parent has many more benefits than you might imagine. Although you may think that being a pet owner is simply enjoyable and rewarding, it can also be extremely beneficial to your mental, and even physical health. Some of the perks of being a pet owner have recently been outlined by WebMD to combat depression in adults. Here are just a few of the benefits of being a pet owner:

1) Unconditional Love
Dogs, cats, horses, and other furry companions often provide a source of uncomplicated love and companionship—unlike some other relationships in your life.
2) Responsibility
Having a pet means having a regular routine with them. It gives you a reason to be active and a reason to have a purpose everyday. How’s that for mental stability?
3) Social interactions!
Your pet will help you get out and have social interactions, even if you may not plan on it. How many times have you gotten complimented on how cute your pet is or had a quick conversation with fellow trail riders or dog walkers? It’s great social and physical exercise!
4) Health benefits from touch
The simple act of petting a pet companion can help you relax, and has been proven to lower blood pressure. The motion strengthens the body’s ability to respond to stress. What a great benefit! And your dog or cat will love it, too!
5) Overall benefits in health

a. Stronger Heart—A recent study found that 37% of adults with dogs were less likely to die of a heart attack than those without.
b. Lower Blood Pressure—From the act of petting to simply having a go-to friend, having a pet reduces your stress and blood pressure.
c. Reduced Risk of Allergies—Exposure to pets as a child can reduce the chance of developing pet related allergies in adulthood.
d. Improved Fitness—Dog owners are more likely to complete the physician recommended amount of weekly exercise!

If you can’t invest in a dog, cat, or horse right now, consider getting a bird! They cost significantly less to take care of in a year, comparatively. Or, turtles and fish will be able to provide you with the responsibility aspect and benefits too.

Overall, having a pet can give you happiness, unconditional love, and incredible health benefits. It’s safe to say that your pet companion is not the only one benefiting from being adopted!

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Escape from the Winter Blues

Spring time brings out the wanderlust in many of us.  From Spring Breakers to Moms and Dads looking to escape from those lingering Winter blues, traveling can be a great escape from reality. But what about those of us with pets this Spring? Of course, we could kennel them or enlist the help of a friend.  However, most animal lovers would agree that taking their pet with them is the best of both worlds.  Escape your reality this Spring, but make sure to take along your furry (or feathered) best friend with the help of our pet traveling products!

Planning a road trip soon? Consider adding this to your back seat to ensure your car’s interior stays fur-free and clean.  The K & H Manufacturing Car Seat Saver will protect your backseat from rips, dirt, pet hair, or possible staining (yikes!). There’s also a convenient pocket that can hold your dog or cat accessories and it is available in two colors to match your car’s design.  Check it out, it qualifies for free shipping at the Boss Pet Supplies website.


Looking for a more stylish way to carry your small dog or cat this Spring? Consider breaking in one of these Kyjen Purse Pet Carriers during your travels!  Its design ensures that your dog or cat can snuggle up AND have a great view of everything outside the carrier.  It also has a removable padding for any cleaning needs you encounter. Find it online, today:


Are you looking for a hands-free way to bring your pet along with you on errands and vacations?  We have the perfect product for you! Carry pets up to 20 lbs. in this unique Kyjen Sling Go Pet Sling that slips on and off just like a handbag.  Give your pet the comfort and security that even a baby would enjoy!


If you’re a frequent flyer AND a pet lover, be sure to check out this amazing product: The Bergan Pet Products Wheeled Comfort Carrier. This product provides fantastic mobility with the same level of comfort for your pet as a traditional carrier. It can haul a pet up to 22 pounds and has an incredible dual functioning pull strap for your convenience.  It qualifies for free shipping, so make sure to check it out!



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